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World’s Largest Internet Consulting Firm Honors Pune Based Production Center for Exceptional Website

Oct. 26, 2007

- Vidushi InfoTech produces winning Non-English and Best Overall website for 2007 WSI Web Awards, and picked up a 2007 Excellence Award for highest level of service -

October, 2007 – Pune, Maharastra, India. Vidushi InfoTech, a Pune based Web production center, was recognized by WSI (We Simplify the Internet), the world’s leading provider of Internet services to small and medium sized businesses the world over. The production center was awarded with two 2007 Web Awards for their excellence in developing in conjunction with certified WSI Internet Marketing Consultant Moustafa El Shenety. In addition, Vidushi received a 2007 Excellence Award from the same Internet consulting firm for providing the highest level of service to their customers, based on off-the-chart nominations that Vidushi received from WSI’s network of 1500 Consultants.

Suresh Kumar Prasad, chairman and managing director of Vidushi InfoTech, took home two prestigious WSI Web Awards at the second annual awards ceremony held at WSI’s global Excellence and Innovation Conference in Orlando, Florida. The Best Non-English Site award and the grand prize of Best Overall Website were presented to both Vidushi InfoTech and Consultant Moustafa El Shenety for This Orlando event also marked WSI’s first annual Excellence Awards ceremony, where Suresh picked up an Excellence Award recognizing Vidushi’s outstanding service to its customers.

Zedny is a non-profit organization aimed at creating a more effective and influential generation of youth through propagating the idea of human development and training. is an exemplary website designed for an Arabic audience and shows excellence in originality, ease of use and innovation. As the Best Overall Website, was selected from several hundreds of sites submitted for these awards from around the globe. Receiving two Web Awards for was exciting enough, but receiving an Excellence Award for their service was what truly touched Suresh.

Suresh said, “It was a moment of pride and gratitude when Vidushi InfoTech was honored with an Excellence Award for the Best Production Center. It is a privilege to work with WSI and I take this opportunity to pay my sincere gratitude for their support and contribution in this achievement. My special thanks to all our Internet Consultants whose votes won Vidushi InfoTech three awards for its technical excellence and outstanding Web based services. Creativity and excellence are the two values that Vidushi stands by and this achievement has surged our spirit to give our best and live up to the honor bestowed upon us.”

Vidushi InfoTech is an emerging IT center that offers incomparable services, first-class products and impeccable and cost-effective Internet solutions to customers around the globe, specifically Internet Consultants with WSI, as they have been a member of the WSI e-Marketplace since 2004. Their team of highly-qualified individuals with specific areas of expertise is committed to providing outstanding service using their emerging technology. This commitment is made evident with their receiving an Excellence Award for their exceptional service and with the extremely well-designed site. features the use of flash and delightful colors, in addition to the language switch option between English and Arabic. The site demonstrates best of class creativity, layout, functionality, and client- and industry-focused best practices. It truly reflects the organization’s mission to design and implement intensive, comprehensive training programs for their local youth.

WSI Marketing Consultant Moustafa El Shenety said, “It was great to work with Vidushi InfoTech on this project. I am honored to be awarded alongside such a great Web production company. The team at Vidushi really listened to our needs and most importantly, they were truly concerned about what the end customer wanted in an Internet solution. This award truly exemplifies the expertise of WSI and Vidushi.”

WSI introduced the WSI Web Awards in 2006 to showcase the very best of thousands of the Internet solutions created each year by WSI e-Marketplace Production Centers in conjunction with WSI Consultants in their local markets around the world. Several hundred sites were submitted to be considered for the 2007 WSI Web Awards. Each site was scored and ranked by a team of WSI site auditors, who created a short list of the top sites, resulting in 38 nominations. Sites were then voted on by the global community of 1500 plus WSI Consultants to determine the winners of the 6 categories, including Best Industry Application, Best Product Showcase, Creative Excellence, Best Non-English Site, Best Business Edge Site and Best Overall Website.

WSI introduced its first annual Excellence Awards this month as a way to recognize excellence among its partners, including franchisees and e-Marketplace Production Centers and Authorized Suppliers. The awards honored those who provide leading edge Internet solutions in their local markets around the world. For the category of Production Center demonstrating the highest level of service, WSI received several nominations from its network of 1500 Consultants, and the majority of nominations determined the winner.

About Vidushi InfoTech:

Vidushi InfoTech was formed in 2003 in Pune by a group of talented individuals with a vision to dedicating their knowledge and expertise to help create a world that is enhanced through Information Technology. Their core mission is to win and maintain the confidence, trust and loyalty of their customers, as they believe these relationships are the company’s most priceless assets. For more information about Vidushi InfoTech, please contact Suresh Kumar Prasad at, call [91] 20 2661 1402, or visit

About WSI:

Through its network of over 1500 offices in 87 countries, WSI delivers thousands of e-Business solutions to small and medium sized businesses annually. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI provides affordable Internet related services and technologies that deliver maximum return on investment for businesses. As the world leader in providing profitable Internet solutions to SMEs, making information accessible for all via the Internet is an essential component of our offering. For more information about WSI’s offerings and business opportunities, please visit

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